Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wooden Rocking Chair Tutorial

Okay so if you want to build a super awesome rocking chair from mostly sticks you found in the woods here is a tutorial!

Supplies: (all sticks must be sturdy)
1. at least nine 1inch or thicker sticks (that are longer than 10 1/2 inches long)(these are for the seat so make them the same length)
2. at least six 1 1/2 or thicker sticks (that are longer than 15 inches)(for the middle of the back)(you can make them the same size or leave them different sizes)
3. two 1 1/2 or thicker sticks (that are longer than 19 inches)(for the back legs) (make them the same length)
4. two 1 1/2 or thicker sticks (that are around 10 inches long)(for the front legs)(make them same length)
5. one 1 1/2 or thicker  stick that will span the back of the sticks used as the back part of chair(back brace stick)
6. three sticks 1 inch or thicker that span the total width of sticks used as the base of the seat (make same length)
7. arm rest sticks optional
8. one 2x6x8 lumbar
9. four bolts 3/8x5inch and 3/8 nuts
10. eight 3/8 washers
11. four 3/8 lock washers
12. four 3 inch screws
13. box of 50+ 2 inch screws
14. drill with screw driver, 3/8 drill bit(for countersinking), drill bit that is a little bit smaller than the thickness of the screw you are using
15. sander
16. saw
17. paint scraper
18. four foot long 4 inch dowel
19. two sticks that are the length between the front legs of the chair and the back legs
20. level

1. Gather all your sticks from the woods (be careful for thorns).
2. Since the sticks are from outside, you will have to strip off the outside bark of the sticks. I found that using the paint scraper is the easiest way to remove the bark.
3. Next place all the sticks in the arrangement that you want them to be.
4. Take your two sticks that are longer than 19+ inches(#3) and cut them to be the same height.
5. using the 3 inch screws attach those two 19+ inch sticks(#3) to the stick that is the width of the seat of your chair(#6).
6. do the same with the sticks used as the front legs(#4).
7. now attach all the sticks used for the seat(#1) to the sticks used as the base of the seat(#6).

8. attach all of the sticks used for the middle of the back of the seat(#2) in the upright position to the last of the (#6) sticks.
9. attach the ends of the (#6) stick in between the 19+ inch(#3) sticks. place right above the sticks used in the seat.
10. attach the back brace stick(#5) to all the sticks of the back, including the end 19+ inch sticks.

11. attach (#19) sticks between front legs and the back legs.
12.  now is time to cut the rockers. Use the 2x6x8 piece of lumbar(#8) and cut it to be two 3 1/2 feet long, but make sure that you cut it to be an arch so that it will actually rock. use your discretion.
13. stain the rockers if desired.
14. attach rockers to the bottom of the four legs. make sure the legs sit higher than the bottom of the rockers so that it actually rocks back and forth. use level to make sure they are even.
15. attach rockers with the bolts. the order goes end of bolt washer, wood, washer, lock washer, nut.

16. cut wooden dowel (#18) to be two dowels each that will be the length between the two rockers.
17. attach one of the dowels behind the front legs between the rockers and one in front of the back legs.
18. add cushions if desired!

hope this was helpful!

email or comment any questions you may have!

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