Monday, January 6, 2014


Wasssssup my Witchessss? 

My name is Haley. I like to craft. I really like where I live, so I make a lot of crafts that deal with my state. Uhhhhhhhhm, yes. I do not know what else to say. I am insanely ridiculous as a human as can be seen through this blog. 

Favorite Word? Pickle.
Favorite Animal? Bear. The best creature ever to exist. I want one as a pet.
Major? Dental Hygiene.
Favorite Place? Barcelona, Spain. Park Guell is PERFECT. 
Favorite Food? Anything Mexican. Oh wait, obvi some flapjacks...
How Do I Fill My Spare Time? Netflix. Way way way too much Netflix.
Do I Know Another Language? Why yes, I am somewhat fluent in German. 
Biggest Pet Peeve? When people aren't listening and have to be apart of the conversation so they say "What?" or "Who?" like a billion times. 

So, there is a little sneak peek into my life as a ridiculous young adult. Hope you enjoy all that is to come! 


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