Monday, January 6, 2014


B: well... I am the first to post a little bit about myself. So this is kind of awkward, but you will learn that it is just who I am: awkward. In the crafting world I am the inventive one of the group. In other words I make things work. My favorite type of crafting is wood working. My friends told me that in this "about me" thing I am supposed to ask myself questions, so here goes....

Q: What is your Favorite tv show?
A: Boy Meets World
Q: What is your Favorite movie?
A: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Q: What is your Favorite book?
A: Simple, The Bible
Q: What is your Favorite color?
A: Gray
Q: What is your Favorite food?
A: Steak and Potatoes
Q: Tell us a random fact about yourself?
A: I love flannel
Q: What is your weakness?
A: wood carving. It only took a trip to the emergency room to figure it out!

So I hope you all enjoy reading about my awkward life and I hope you continue to read all of my blog posts for a whole lot of awkward with a dash of crafting.


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