Monday, May 26, 2014

Boy Meets World Shoes

Hey Y'all!

So I made some Boy Meets World themed shoes! To make your own you will need: white fabric shoes (I bought mine from Target), a variety pack of sharpies (both fine point and regular), a pencil, and a design in mind.

Let's begin!

1.) draw your ideas in pencil to get positioning correct.(If needed, you can practice the sketches on paper first to get it perfect). In the picture mine has already been outlined with black sharpie so that y'all can see it easier. I put quotes on mine, as well as the logo.
2.) Then color in with the regular size sharpies. Beware of bleeding from the sharpies.

3.) Enjoy!

If y'all have any questions or need help with ideas just email me at! I can custom make a pair for you! You can buy a custom pair on our Etsy page: