Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey heyyyy! I'm super excited to be starting this blog with my girls. We have this big dream of one day opening a craft and coffee shop, but while we're still in school this blog was the way to start. Obviously we all love crafting! DIY home decor is my favorite type. I'm obsessed with Mason Jars, lace, and fun fabric! If I could major in crafting I would, but Education is pretty darn close.

Some other fun things about me:
Favorite Snack: Anything you can dip in Nutella
Favorite Tv Show: The Bachelor of course
Role Model: Ke$ha
Biggest Regret: The bob I was NOT pulling off in 8th grade. Hairstyles are not my friend.
Biggest Accomplishment: Becoming a regular at Jo-Ann's and Kroger.
I love running, taking naps and last but not least GLITTER.

Last time we had a craft night with Ke$ha she wrote a song about it, "There's a place I know if you're looking for a show where they go hard core and there's glitter on the floor." I'll keep you posted on any future collabs.

Thanks for checking out Flapjacks and Flannel!


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