Friday, March 21, 2014

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Hey y'all! So for my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary I made them this. It is a 50th Wedding Anniversary penny picture.

What you will need is:
 a big jar of pennies
 super glue
 poster board

Each of the pennies COINcides (see what I did there.haha) with a year of their marriage. So to start you will need to go through a big jar of pennies to find one for each year starting with the year they got married and going all the way through to the present year.

 Next cut the poster board to fit into the frame you bought. Then using the stencil and sharpie, write "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY", there names, and the year if you want. 

Place the pennies in order by year and in the shape of how many years they have been married. Then glue them down and IT IS FINISHED!

Hope this makes your family/ friends very happy! Email with any questions.


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