Thursday, February 27, 2014


What You'll Need:
Modge Podge - I had his weird matte gel medium left over for something else, so I just used that.
Paint Brush
Wood - I assume a piece of canvas would work too, but I had this piece of wood that I got from JoAnn's but ended up not using.
Map - I found one around our house we would never need, so I used it.
Paint Pen 

Let's Get Down to BUSINESSSS!

Start by modge podging the map to the wood. I modge podged first then cut the excess off, but you can measure and cut it off first if you would like. Just don't forget the edges of the wood or canvas. Then let it dry completely.

Now it is time for some FUN! You can either paint your own foot or someone elses. I considered using my nephew's lil' feet so it would be cute little feet, but I just used my own really awkward feet.

<--Please excuse my super awkward foot.

After you get your foot all painted up, you step onto the piece of wood. 

<---Again, please excuse how extremely awkward my feet are. 

After you get two (or more) foot prints, let them both dry. Then, pick up your paint pen and get started. You can pick any phrase you want, but I personally like "Roam where you want too, Roam around the world." If you need some inspiration for travel quotes, just search travel quotes on pinterest. And yes, I realize that there should only by one "o" on "too," but I like two much better, so whatevs. If you have picked a paint color that is very visible, there is not much need to outline your footprints, but I had picked a light tan that was hard to see, so I outlined the prints.

I wanted to do this because of my recent studying abroad this past semester. Expect to see a whole lot more travel crafts from me. I am semi obsessed lately.
I hope you like it!


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