Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jesus Sandals

Hey y'all!

I am going to show you how to make Jesus sandals!
You will need:

Thick, Hard Leather (I found this in a mixed bag of leather from Hobby Lobby)

Two medium size Suede Strips

Extreme power adhesive... AKA super glue

Exacto Knife (I do not have one of those so I used a wood carving knife)

1.) trace the shape of one of your shoes to get the basic size and shape of the sole of the shoes. Do this on four pieces of leather to make the sole thick enough.
2.) Using the suede strip cut it to form the cross strap around your foot. Make sure you actually measure the strap to make sure your foot will be able to slide into it. Then glue it on. Also attach the the strip to the bottom of the first layer of leather. The other piece will go on last.
3.) using the leftover thick pieces of leather, cut four into strips. fold down and sew/glue to form a loop. Glue these onto the bottom of the first layer of leather. (I placed mine on the side near my ankle bone).

4.) Glue bottom sole on.
5.) Let glue dry and enjoy!

Disclaimer: 1. SUPER GLUE IS VERY STICKY..... 2. these shoes will not provide any arch support. They are a minimalist shoe.

Any questions? feel free to email me!

Hope you enjoy!


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